Motorola Monitor

One of the questions I get ask most frequently regarding purchases for the nursery is “What monitor is best and do I really need to get a video monitor?” I feel that a video monitor is essential and as an NCS I require that families I work with have a video monitor, but we’ll address that later on in this post. Again, like everything else in Baby Land, monitors are not a one size fits all purchase but today I will highlight one of my favorites, the Motorola Video Monitor.

What is it?

The Motorola Video Monitor is a video monitor that has an infrared camera that stays in baby’s room that connects to a handheld unit with a screen. It is compact, easy to keep around with you, and allows you to see what is happening in your child’s room.

Why is it a must have?              

Reason #1: As I previously mentioned, I require all the families I work with to have a monitor, if I am not resting in the baby’s room at night that requirement gets a little more specific and I require a video monitor. There are several reasons for this that I will discuss today. Primary reason number one is for your child’s safety. SIDS is very real and it is easier to keep an eye on your child if you can see them. While I do believe that there should be physical checks of safety during the night, this is just one part of keeping your little one safe.

Reason #2: Babies are LOUD at night! Are they fussing because they are between sleep cycles or are they fussing because their leg is caught in between the crib rail? Are they awake or are they just making noises? Are they in distress or are they just soothing themselves back to sleep. Most of these questions can be answered without even getting out of bed if you have a video monitor. It is so much more convenient (and time saving) if you can answer these questions without entering your child’s room.

Reason #3: My third reason for the Motorola being my favorite is merely based on functionality of the device itself. The Motorola Video Monitor is quick and easy to set up, it travels well, you can mount it on the wall or place it on a shelf (out of reach of baby) and it can pan around the room from the handheld screen.

Additional Notes

The Motorola Monitor has the ability to connect up to 4 cameras to one handheld unit and scan between them at night so it may be a good option for families who need more than one camera. One thing you’ll want to consider is the size of your home. If you have a large home with lots of concrete (ex. a large apartment) you’ll want to look for a monitor with longer range abilities. Always take care to never place the monitor cord within reach of the baby’s crib- babies have strangled on monitor cords! And finally, the Motorola Monitor comes with different options and screen sizes, it is 100% a personal preference, but my favorite one is the 3.5” screen option.

Pricing and availability

The Motorola Video Monitor is widely available at department stores such as Target, baby stores, and available from many online retailers. This monitor ranges in price from $130-250 depending on your budget and desires for the camera.