Friday Favorites: Baby K’Tan

What is it?

A Baby K’tan is a baby carrier that is “ready to wear” and easy Baby Ktanfor new parents and caregivers to use. It is similar to the Moby Wrap but offers a double-loop design that is both convenient and easy to put on.  Using a baby carrier will keep baby close and calm and free up not one, but both of your hands to allow you to work on other tasks or simply give your arms a break.

Why is it a favorite?
Any new mama (or any mama in general) will tell you there is not enough time and not enough hands to get everything needed to be done accomplished. This is especially true when you are using both your arms to carry your baby that loves to be walked around when they are feeling fussy. Using the Baby K’tan will secure your little one on your chest and allow you to use both of your hands to work on other tasks. The Baby K’Tan is incredibly easy to use and they provide great instructional videos you can view on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.  Although I do love a good soft structure carrier, they can be a little bit too big for your newborn, even with the infant insert. The Baby K’Tan can be used from 8-35 pounds and baby’s head can be supported until they are strong enough to no longer need the support.

Additional Notes

The Baby K’Tan is sized so you will need to be aware of the size if you purchase one. If you are having a summer baby, you may want to consider the Baby K’Tan Breeze that is made of a light weight, breathable mesh material to keep baby cooler. If you are having twins, this is a great product to be able to carry both babies together, but be aware that they will outgrow using the Baby K’Tan together quickly.

Pricing and availability.

The Baby K’Tan is widely available at many major department stores, baby boutiques and stores, on,, and Amazon. The Baby K’Tan generally retails for between $50 and $60 depending on the wrap and location of purchase.