boon patchBy now, most of us have seen, used, and loved the Boon Grass or Lawn. The Patch uses the same general concept and utilizes the same “flexible grass blades” but is now being made in a different, more convenient shape. The Boon Patch is now more compact and takes up less room on the kitchen counter. I have now used this new product at several client’s homes and couldn’t love it more!

What is it?

The Boon Patch is a much narrower version of the Grass, or Lawn that will take up less room on your counter. It is a bottle drying rack that has lots of flexible “grass blades” that allow you to stack almost any shape item on top to dry. The Patch is two-pieces, easy to clean, and it utilizes a bottom tray with high sides so you don’t splash water everywhere.

 Why is it a must have?

The Boon Patch is on my list of favorites because of its size and shape. I have long loved, and highly recommended the Boon Grass and Lawn but I love a nice clean kitchen without a lot of clutter on the counter.  The Patch slim design can fit at the back of the counter, behind the sink, or on the windowsill and leaves the rest of the counter free and clear.  The Patch is a slim 3.5” wide and 17.25” long. In my experience it could easily hold 6 bottles (include Dr. Browns!) and a few pacifiers. The Patch is BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free to keep your little one safe.

 Additional Notes

Boon also makes great accessories for the Grass, Lawn, and Patch that stick into the “blades” and allow you to hang up bottle pieces. They retail for around $5 each and come in “trees” and “flowers.”

After your little one is all grown up these products make a great wine glass dryer (score!).

 Pricing and availability

The Boon Patch is widely available at many baby stores, department stores (e.g., Target and for around $18.99. Boon accessories can be found at Target,, and many other baby stores.